"Our only concern is in maintaining professional standards in a competitive market"

Guilds have existed since the middle ages and they were association of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular area. The earliest types of guild were formed as confraternities of tradesmen. Guilds exist even to this day and they are formed to protect professional standards and guarantee that members give the highest standards of service to their clients. Guilds are not formed as a way to generate membership fees, but only to ensure standards of service.

The Algarve wedding Planners Guild has been was created in 2015 and launched in 2016 to protect clients and ensure a high standard of service. Members must have been established as Wedding Planners in the Algarve for at least five years. Each member in the group has passed a rigorous inspection, based on experience, knowledge of the Portuguese language, a full understanding of the legalities of getting married here, recommendations from peers, venues and suppliers alike, plus testimonials from couples.

Each member is a totally independent company, in most cases serving different areas of the Algarve and different types of service, but all recognise that each offer the highest standards of professional standards.

One of our main questions to each wedding planner was "why be a wedding planner?". The ones that answered with the most passion and inspired the most confidence, besides passing all the Guide lines above, have been approved as part of our Guild. So look out for the Algarve Wedding Planners Guild logo on Wedding planners sites. If it is there then we feel you can book them with 100% confidence.

Membership is open to any Wedding Planner that meets the basic standards that we, as a Guild, have established as the essential knowledge and experience that is needed to give their clients the best wedding day experience in this beautiful and ever more popular destination. There are no membership fees, our only concern is guaranteeing quality to prospective Brides and Grooms.

Founder Members

www.algarveweddingsandblessings.com · www.algarveevents.com · www.algarveweddingplanners.com

Associate Members

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